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I Love working with multimedia and all projects involving imagination and love for EDM.I love working  closely with new technology to feel close to new beats and sounds,I like to experiment with new sounds and beats  using the Digital tools to give birth something more Human and less impersonal,in the close future I would like to give worshops for making electronic music and make a Digital generation of Artists who loves support social reasons too! Let's make Music for social Reasons!

Eduardo Flores




“Sounds very dance like something that would be played in a club. It has a very apparent techno beat to it. This is definitely the song for playing in clubs with DJ's. The song gets a 10/10 from me I really like it. If I was a DJ I would play this song every night.”

“i really enjoyed the fast paced techno beat, it is awsome and made me want to dance. it sounds very creative and cool like somewhat futuristic, its awsome how the beat just stays at a good pace never faltering and just changing now and then to make it better. super great song.”

“Where's the ecstasy at?? I want a glow stick! This makes me wanna dance, drink, do drugs and have sex. Very catchy beat
and it stays that way throughout the whole song clip. The DJ did a good job mixing the tracks.”


“this is a up beat.i mean in every culture thre is pretty sexy femle dancers and ya guys who wears tights nd dance to ths.the almost electric sounds will make a person dance.tyhis can get movie scene parts too”

“This is a typical dance club song. Not much in the way of lyrics, but it has a good strong beat and allows for the different moods when one goes to a dance club. It is a mindless bit of fun that may not do well on "regular air play" but would do great in a club.”

“I like the start and its booming beats. There is not much singing here its just mainly a chorus which is great. The melody is fast and very bouncy. I just wanna dance when I hear this tune. Its well produced track and will be a hit with dance fans for sure.”

“LOVED this song right off the bad. I love Dance music. This could be used in a club. I loved all the different beats in the Song.I think clubs would love this song. It seems VERY energetic and synthasized.” -Reverbnation-


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